The Tin Triangle which made the world weep!


The grounding of an aircraft would be considered by many as nothing more than one less flying aircraft, it would be considered as overtly melodramatic to find it upsetting or on a par almost with the loss of a loved one. But for those who have fallen under the spell of XH558, we know different. The loss of ‘The Spirit of Great Britain’ from our skies is not simply a vehicle no longer usable, it is the end of an era, the end of the most spectacular sight and sound that I for one have ever been privileged to witness. Read More


The changing nose of PA474

lanc-pic-pa474-5.jpg (623×379)

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As with all ladies even aircraft like a change of style from time to time. Point in case in Lancaster PA474 who having been acquired by the BBMF in 1973 is the only surviving and airworthy Lancaster in the country (Canada also have one). Read More

Come on feel the noise…a farewell tribute to Vulcan XH558

_MG_3306 _MG_3303  _MG_3300 _MG_3299

I had the distinct pleasure of witnessing the most amazing sight and sound for the first time this weekend, it was however bitter-sweet! The sight and sound in question was that of the Avro Vulcan XH558 , the oldest complete Vulcan in the world, on one of her last flights, not just this season but for all time. I had heard talk of the “Vulcan howl” but nothing prepares you for the enormity of emotions and cacophony of sounds you are going to experience. As she soared over head, Read More

Is Sally B sexist?

RAFnoseartDM0506_468x316.jpg (468×316)

(B-17 ‘Sally B’)

With the world having become so politically correct is the sexualised content of many a nose art piece still acceptable in the modern consciousness? Times have changed, it is no longer acceptable to describe a woman as the “little lady” or assume her place is in the home, after all woman burnt many a bra in the name of feminism. But should that mean that art from another decade, another way of thinking should be cast out as being degrading and demoralising to the so-called fairer sex? No one is suggesting that the voluptuous ladies painted in the 1600’s by Paul Rubens are sexist and degrading so why are the pin-up girls of the 1940’s? Is it just another example of the P.C brigade controlling our democratic right as individuals to express ourselves? Read More

Heavy Metal nose art


At a recent foray to the AeroExpo Uk event at Sywell Aerodrome I was distinctly disappointed by the total lack of nose art in attendance. As you all know my primary interest is more in the art ardoning it than the bird itself. Until that is I happened upon a jet decorated with a sticker depicting the demonic skeletal soldier previously seen as the sleeve art on the Iron Maiden single ‘The Trooper’. On closer inspection next to the picture are the names Bruce Dickinson and David Hayman. Read More

When Mosquitos ruled the world…maybe one could again!

One of the most well-known English Aircraft manufacturer De Havilland produced one of the most iconic birds of the second world war which of course was the Mosquito. They may have been less heralded than the Lancaster or Halifax, nor as sexy as the Spitfire or Hurricane but this versatile two-man machine may have actually been the greatest warplane of them all. It was so highly thought of by the Axis that they were allowed to count each Wooden Wonder shot down as two ‘kills’. Read More

We all make mistakes…’Miss Kiwanis’

scan0001.jpg (1884×1302)

It has recently been bought to my attention that the information I relayed about ‘Miss Kiwanis’ in ‘Meet the hula girl who will make you purr’ is categorically incorrect!! Unfortunately the information I was given that actress Carole Landis was the inspiration turned out to be unfounded and as such I owe a lot of apologies, to you all and to the family of the real ‘Miss Kiwanis’ but of course mostly to Laura Dow née Charewicz the real inspiration for ‘Miss Kiwanis’, and when you see the picture the art work came from you will have no doubt yourself that she truly is! Read More

Even my jewellery has nose art

I have been waiting with bated breath for the arrival of my very special bespoke jewellery, designed and made for me by Shirley Chargouri Brindle of Crafty Beads. If you are also a Facebook follower you have seen some of the other aviation inspired work she has produced. Before you think I have completely lost the plot and don’t know where I am sharing this information, there is actually a very good reason I am showing you all my gorgeous new jewellery…each bead is a picture of one of the airplanes I have featured on the blog previously or on the Facebook page. Of course it also gives me an excuse to share all these pictures again for your delectation. Read More