Have you always wanted to own your very own Spitfire? Well buying one could set you back a hefty £3 million and then you’ve got to find somewhere to put it, you can’t just park in on your front lawn. So how about if you could own the next best thing? How about a 1:5 scale bronze replica of the iconic warbird originally designed by R.J. Mitchell?


This limited edition model, made by Friendly Skies is based on the distinguished MK XIV Supermarine Spitfire. In producing this elite sculpture, Friendly Skies are honouring both the rare beauty of the MK XIV and the name of R.J. Mitchell, without whom the mighty Rolls Royce Griffon engine powered beauty would never have been conceived. The only Spitfire to see significant action during wartime, the MK XIV is well known for its distinctive elliptical wing shape which has been perfectly replicated by Friendly Skies.

Also incorporated are the elegantly domed canopy, the curvaceous engine lines and classic all metal low wing of the original. Used by not only the Royal Air Force during the war but also many other Allied countries, the Spitfire is regarded as being Britain’s most treasured and iconic warbird; they were an integral part of the emblematic Battle of Britain which many consider having won the war for the Allies. The Spitfire was considered by many to be the leading RAF fighter plane and without it feel that the soiree could have gone very differently indeed.

These British made, single-seater fighter aircraft were seen as the standout stars of the Battle of Britain, and you too could gaze upon their individual beauty in the dawn light. With a wingspan of 210 cms and a length of 195 cms, you need an exceptional space to display it; maybe this version could sit comfortably on its stainless steel plinth in your garden so that you could wake up to the sun glistening off the buffed bronze beauty every morning.

This uniquely detailed representation is not just a piece of national history but also a unique and exquisite work of art. The Spitfire was the amalgamation of a country’s pride, Mitchell’s innovative vision and aviation’s groundbreaking engineering prowess. She has become the poster child for Britain’s gung-ho attitude and pride in our great country.This scale model is the perfect way in which to honour her seamless and timeless beauty, but with a price tag of £84,000, it is truly for the elite devotee.

For those with a passion for aviation and a reverence for this exquisite and unique art form, you could always take it a step further. There is the possibility of a late mark Messerschmitt 109 or Focke-Wulf 190 potentially being commissioned. With that in mind, imagine the sight of them both seen in a tail chase at the end of your garden. Having your own personal dogfight over your manicured lawn would make an impressive view at any time of the day or night.


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