As much as I would like to take the total credit for the article in my blogs, after all articles are read so the writing should be the important part, I am also aware it is not just the written word which attracts people! Of course when the subject matter is as beautiful as aircraft it is the photos that make the articles pop, that draw the eye and maybe attract the reader in the first place. This isn’t the first time I did a photography big up , you can see my previous one here


Unfortunately even though I have my photographers old kit after he upgraded I do not have the skill or experience to be able to capture the elegant birds as they soar through the sky. Nor do I have the impressive equipment that he does, now it depends who you talk to but some people will say that it is the camera that does all the work, whereas others will state it is the photographer. Either way , the better the equipment, the better the quality of the photograph.

I have been having a little look at cameras of late, maybe if I too upgraded then the quality of my  photography would improve . Not that I am suggesting I would ever improve enough not to need my photographer but at least I could take a few of my own. For example when we go to air shows his impressively large (apparently size does matter) lens is always pointed at the skies to capture the birds in flight. Sometimes I feel my articles are lacking in on the ground shots, photographs of the crowd and stalls, so maybe if I got a better kit I could introduce more of the aspect into future articles.

Now the resident photographer is very much a Cannon lover and I may get in trouble for this but I have kind of fallen for the compact Lumix from the   30 FPS 4K Camera Panasonic  range, with it’s 16 megapixlel sensor to produce sharper images and it’s image stabiliser for photography on the move.

jkimba5rkpz0txzoecay.jpg (1920×1281)