Moving on from my  Bigatmo review there is another must have accessory for the Pilots life and style…that is of course the jacket! Whether is be an Irvine, a bomber or a vintage 1920’s style coat …no fashion conscious pilot worth his salt will leave home with out one! Many styles are flattering and attractive but none so much as those by France based atelier Jean Garborit Creations!


The story began 90 years ago when Jean Garborit, an expert in “The Gentle Art” of bespoke boot making began his atelier making leather footwear. Since that time his team have learnt under his tutelage how to produce expert quality . Many of the current ream worked under the maestro and the company is now run by husband and wife team Ian and Laurance  (who also happens to be Garborit’s daughter).

Having cornered the market in boots they have expanding into clothing, taking with them their undisputed attention to detail and eye for quality.All the leather attire in their collection is based on vintage styles so perfect for history buffs, lovers of vintage style, re-enacters and just fashionistas in general. They produce jacket both off the rack and bespoke, with so many styles to choose from for both men and women.

My photographer and OH has the distinct pleasure of being the proud owner the Guynemer ,  a 1920’s  WWI replica French Fighter aces pilots jacket from their bespoke range.


Along with the expected and exquisite aroma of the leather there is also an undeniable smell of a bomber cockpit, the scent is like a time machine taking you back to the 20’s. The buttery soft sensation of the tactile leather just begs to be stroked and the perfect stitching is a masterpiece in itself. This jacket is a sensual assault on the senses with each of the 5 being pleasured at once.

The cut is the embodiment of perfection and you can see the amount of time and love that has gone into it. Leather is always a lovely material to wear but the difference in quality you can come across is immense. The leather used by Jean Garbroit Creations is luxurious and makes you feel special just by wearing one of their beautiful items. They purchase their leather from Hermes, the most well respected design house in France and home of the Birkin bag.

The distressed patina makes the garment appear to be straight off a WWI pilot , it takes you back in time, to those open aired biplanes and the origins of war bound aviation. The vintage sensuality of it brings to mind the Red Baron and Captain Braveheart.  The unsual double buttoned design on either side was due to the amount of burning hot engine oil, dust and dirt the pilots would have ended up doused in after a sortie. The design and material choice made it simpler to clean down ready for the next. This attention to historical detail is just one of the many things that sets them apart from their so-called competition.

Whether you are a pilot wanting to re-visit the past, a history lover wanting to see how it felt to be clothed in bygone styles or merely a lover of fashion and leather…go back in time and love your leather with Jean Garborit Creations!