Aviation is not merely an industry it is a world unto itself, a lifestyle if you will;  a lifestyle with class, panache and a certain amount of swagger. They have their own style and it could give even the most die-hard fashionistas a run for their money. However this style is not just about looking good, accessories especially, play an important part in the pilots day-to-day prowess. None so important as the perfect sunglasses, and for perfect look no further than Bigatmo

Being that much closer to the intensity of the sun impairs not just the pilot’s ability to see clearly but also the long-term health of their eyes. Sunglasses are very important to counter act this but many have bulky frames which are uncomfortable under their helmets and if they are not designed for the right conditions they will not have the desired effect. Aviation specific sunglasses have long been available but have always forced the pilot into a compromise between flimsy lenses which offer the better optical protection or sturdier lenses with poor protection.

Well fear not, those days are behind us because Bigatmo are here to provide all your optical needs with comfortable and attractive design, tough lenses and slimline frames. They really do offer it all in one package and at a reasonable price to boot. Their expert team specialise in producing lenses using the most up to date technology and coating them in a omniphobic treatment to dispel those every day annoyances of sweat, moisture, make up and other detritus. The anti-reflective and anti-scratch lenses are curved to hug the face which remove the issue of distortion often found in curved lenses by using optical decentring to overcome the issue. The three lens options each offer excellent colour vibrancy with the Alutra having a photochromic core which is perfect for moving between different strengths of light and sun, Zeolite use advanced Light Management Technology to enhance colours and allow your eyes to receive more specific colours and Polarized which dramatically reduce the surface glare from snow, roads and water.

So who are Bigatmo? For those who have not had the pleasure of meeting this fantastic team at Expo’s or the like they are the most amiable group of people you will ever have the fortune to meet. With a background in ophthalmology and aviation they are expertly qualified in this field and certainly know their stuff, add to that they are lovely and they really are the whole package.

Bigatmo sunglasses are not solely for aviation, anyone who demands style from their shades whilst still expecting perfect vision will adore them. Having had my own Bigatmo sunglasses for a couple of weeks I have experienced for myself the clarity and precision of the lenses. Being a wearer of glasses , I tend not to bother wearing sunglasses (too much effort to keep switching over) however having worn these during the recent heat wave I am now a convert and plan to get a prescription pair. On entering a building with them on you don’t suddenly feel like you are in the dark, these intelligent lenses appear to read the surrounding light and react, allowing for an easy transition from shade to bright sunlight. The light titanium design means that they are so easy to wear one forgets they are on. The subtly sexual and curvaceous design perfectly accompany any outfit and situation. They will look just as good worn with a suit as they will when you are you chilling out on the beach. My partner and I both have a pair, I opted for model 0259, natural titanium  Exo frames with the Zeolite lenses and an iridescent blue mirror finish, the OH has Model 0556, Brunello Iono frames with Alutra Photochromic lenses and a light gold mirror finish. The intense clarity the lenses afford the wearer are perfect for any quick dramatic changes to your environment.They deliver perfect true colour perception and the 5 gorgeous design options will ensure there is something for everyone.

They come boxed in the standard blue and grey Bigatmo colouring , housed within the box is the sturdy oblong glasses case which perfectly protects its precious cargo, slightly more raised than more conventional cases which offers further protection. The  simple yet attractive case has the Bigatmo logo in raised rubber on top. The glasses also come with a soft as butter grey drawstring bag for extra protection which also doubles up as your glasses cleaner…never clean these with your shirt or anything else as that can cause scratches which you really don’t want.


But don’t just take my word for it, since their conception in 2012 they have attracted the attention and patronage of many a well-known aviator such as pilots Mark Jefferies, Tom Cassells, Jez Hopkinson Fraes and Gerald Cooper.

Forerunner in female aviation, Pitts S2 pilot Lauren Richardson is not only an avid wearer of Bigatmo sunglasses but is also sponsored by the brand and her red aircraft is adorned with their logo.

The many experienced pilots who have discovered the virtue to wearing these sunglasses can not be argued with. The best will obviously choose to wear the best.

So if you want the best, the elite if you will, in both style and technology then look no further than Bigatmo!!