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As with all ladies even aircraft like a change of style from time to time. Point in case in Lancaster PA474 who having been acquired by the BBMF in 1973 is the only surviving and airworthy Lancaster in the country (Canada also have one).

Too late to take part in the bombing of Japan when she was produced in 1945, she was assigned reconnaissance duties and was later adopted by the Air Historical Branch for display work. PA474 has also been a movie star having appeared in Operation Crossbow and The Guns of Navarone.

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Throughout her career with the BBMF she has been called ‘City of Lincoln’  and the crest is always found on the starboard side no matter which persona she is carrying, this serves as a memorial to all who flew with Bomber Command, most of whom hailed from Linconshire. Markings she has previously carried are ‘Phantom of the Ruhr‘, ‘Johnny Walker’ (with the slogan ‘Still going strong’) and ‘Mickey the Moocher’ . In 2014 she was given a make over with new markings ‘Thumper’. She also features the markings of bombs for operations over Germany, ice cream cones for those over Italy and poppies for poppy releases during exhibition flights.

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But which do you prefer? If you could choose which paint scheme she would keep which would it be? Personally I love the mix of cute cartoon and ferocious bomb on ‘Mickey the Moocher’!