At a recent foray to the AeroExpo Uk event at Sywell Aerodrome I was distinctly disappointed by the total lack of nose art in attendance. As you all know my primary interest is more in the art ardoning it than the bird itself. Until that is I happened upon a jet decorated with a sticker depicting the demonic skeletal soldier previously seen as the sleeve art on the Iron Maiden single ‘The Trooper’. On closer inspection next to the picture are the names Bruce Dickinson and David Hayman.

Iron-Maiden-The-Trooper-1457.jpg (500×500)

Bruce-Dickinson-pilots-Ir-001.jpg (3504×2368)


Of course Dickinson was the lead singer with English heavy metal rockers Iron Maiden and Hayman you may know is the CEO and founder of Aeris Aviation limited.

Bruce-Dickinson.jpg (1080×720)


Other than Dickinsons musical exploits in the 80’s, he is also an entrepreneur who has his own beer named Trooper, a National Team Championship award-winning fencer and an avid aviation aficionado.

He not only holds his airline transport pilots license but also partakes in WW I re-enactments at airshows across the UK as part of the Great War Display Team in his Fokker Dr.I triplane replica G-CDXR. Having wanted to fly a plane since the age of 5 (his dad was a an army mechanic) and has been a qualified pilot since a break from Iron Maiden in 1998 (he actually left for 6 years between ’93 and ’99). He has flown for Iron Maiden on tours and on commercial airlines and has amassed over 500 hours a year in the skies. In 2012 he launched a maintenance, repair and overhaul company based in a hanger at an old RAF base at the Vale of Glamorgan called Cardiff Aviation.

Finding a piece of nose art at the Expo certainly lifted my spirits on a wet and windy Sunday afternoon, thanks Bruce!

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