I have been waiting with bated breath for the arrival of my very special bespoke jewellery, designed and made for me by Shirley Chargouri Brindle of Crafty Beads. If you are also a Facebook follower you have seen some of the other aviation inspired work she has produced. Before you think I have completely lost the plot and don’t know where I am sharing this information, there is actually a very good reason I am showing you all my gorgeous new jewellery…each bead is a picture of one of the airplanes I have featured on the blog previously or on the Facebook page. Of course it also gives me an excuse to share all these pictures again for your delectation.

This lovingly crafted bracelet contains beads featuring the following:


lancaster_pa474_4.jpg (700×467)

Betty Boop

lc130betty-1.jpg (640×480)

Memphis Belle

Memphisbellenose.jpg (3072×2304)

Versatile lady

3464210244_91392531b8.jpg (500×333)

D-Day Doll

p295810992-3.jpg (580×386)

Maid Marian

8531711085_bbb6f9ec5e_b.jpg (1024×724)

D-Day Doll, Thumper, Betty Boop and Memphis Belle also feature on the matching earings.

How very fitting that these lovely ladies which grace the fuselage of some of the best-loved aircraft have been immortalized into fashionable wear. Bringing history up to date.




(Pictures courtesy of Anglocreative)

If you would like to know more about Crafty Beads I will be posting a review on to my other blog forayintofashion.com later today. Shirley has an extensive list of products and topics of beads or like mine can make them bespoke, they are very reasonable at just £14.99 plus p&p and extra for a gift box.  Please contact Shirley at shirley@craftybeads.net or visit her website http://www.craftybeads.net and/or Facebook page www.facebook.com/pages/Crafty-Beads/1514500252165097?fref=ts