Miss Kiwanis in colour


I just had to add this picture. I have been very lucky to have been contacted by a lovely knowledgeable man named Bill Ballard who has been very kind as to share some amazing nose art pictures with me and allow me to use them here on the blog for your viewing pleasure. Bill first contacted me regarding ‘Miss Kiwanis’ and sent me a colour version of her. The gentleman Harold, who had given Bill the picture was an armorer in the Pacific theater and apparently the photo finishing in this shot was different to the others in his collection. Unfortunately it is unknown who took the photograph or whereabouts it was taken.



  1. robert dow · April 26, 2015

    Greetings… I read your article… your info about “Miss Kiwanis” is totally wrong and I can prove it. My mother is the “Miss Kiwanis” on the plane. I have news articles and photos which confirm this. She won a “Miss Kiwanis” contest in Lawrence, Massachusetts in 1943. My father was in the 90th Bomb Group of the Jolly Rogers, the group to which the particular B-24 aircraft was assigned. My father had his fiancee, Laura Charewicz, painted on the plane with the permission of his superiors in his squadron. They later married after the war and she became Laura Dow. She is still alive and living in Hanover, NH. I will be happy to send you copies of the original photo from which the painting was done. I will also provide of two newspaper articles, one anouncing Laura as the winner of the “Miss Kiwanis” contest and a second announcing her image was painted on the plane as “Miss Kiwanis”. The picture of my mother is EXACTLY like the picture on the plane. The idea some blonde actress flashed her legs, (the only similarity to the image on the plane), and had the nose-art attributed to herself, is ludicrous.
    Please contact me for additional information.

    I would like your mistake rectified. Thank you.

    Bob Dow, son of the real “Miss Kiwanis” on the B-24 aircraft.


    • lenahedges · April 26, 2015

      Hi Rob, thank you for your message.
      My sincere apologies if the information I have is untrue. I initially saw the pictures & supposed connection on a nose art page on Facebook and in researching it did not find any information to the contrary as such that was the story I ran with.
      I wouldn’t suggest it ludicrous that an actress would be the inspiration for nose art as it was a regular subject used.
      I would very much like to see your proof (not that I am suggesting you are wrong, because I am very interested) if you would be agreeable I would very much like to write about your mother and include your pictures.
      I am constantly learning and currently rely on the Internet for information though I am making some very useful contacts.
      If you would like to contact me further my email address is lenahedges1@hotmail.co.uk
      I look forward to hearing from you.
      Yours, Lena


  2. bob dow · May 8, 2015

    Hi, Lena… I thought I would have heard back from you by now. You did receive the items I sent to you, didn’t you?


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    • lenahedges · May 8, 2015

      hi Bob , no I haven’t received anything from you. I wondered if you had seen my response. I would have emailed back straight away to let you know I had received them. Here’s my email again incase you have it wrong or I typed it wrong.
      I look forward to hearing from you.


  3. robert dow · May 8, 2015

    Resent to the email address you just sent me. Received??

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    • lenahedges · May 8, 2015

      hi bob, just checked and yes they have been received. I am at work at the moment so I will have a proper look this evening and we’ll go from there.
      Thanks again


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