No fairy dust required…

Just a little post script to yesterdays post “Donald duck and friends go to war” in which I discussed the use of cartoon characters and Walt Disney’s connection to nose art.

Having a little trawl through google I happened upon this little beauty. Okay so its modern rather than vintage and it’s clearly a marketing tool but it is also a very cute example of nose art.

The Alaskan airlines Boeing 737 is bright blue and sports the recognisable character Tinkerbell from Disney’s Peter Pan on the fuselage, golden Mickey Mouse ears on the tail and the slogan “Follow me to Disneyland”. Named ‘Magic of Disneyland’ it was unveiled to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney’s original theme park. Tinkerbell was obviously chosen as the face of the airlines partnership with the world-famous theme park as she has been the official hostess of Disneyland since the 1950’s. Tink trails fairy dust and sparkles behind her as a flying invitation to visit “The happiest place on earth”



  1. Gerry swift · November 16, 2014

    Nice find. There’s so much more apart from. Military aircraft.

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    • lenahedges · November 16, 2014

      Thanks Gerry, for the comment and your continued support. I came across it quite by accident and considering what my post was about yesturday I felt I had to add a quick post.


  2. Tony Wilkins · November 17, 2014

    Don’t show this to my 4 year old daughter. I would never hear the end of it. She wanted to ride everywhere on a double decker bus because it had a Frozen poster on the side

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