Things that go bump in the night ….

As it is that time of the year again (albeit a couple of days late) I present for your visual delectation the very ‘picture’ of spooky inspired nose art. I give you ZOMBIE…

Not one but two Halifax aircrafts of the 432 Squadron RCAF have displayed art featuring a devillish gremlin type figure riding two bald eagles, the art having been inspired by the badge of the 339th Fighter Squadron of the US Air Force.

I wonder if this scary ‘pinup’ was a nod towards their motto Saeviter ad Lucem” (“Ferociously towards the light”) as he certainly does have a rather ferocious manner.





  1. Guy Caulfield-kerney · November 2, 2014

    “Saeviter ad Lucem. Et ducam caecos in finem” is as I am aware, the complete phrase as given to me. Latin is always a bit of fun, but basically, it means,”Light cruelty- And it will lead to the end” there are various interpretations, from the latin, but, looking at the wellington, from the time that it was efficient, it was a “cruel light and coming soon”, or let’s face it, “lightweight cruel coming to you soon.” Possibly, from the educational standard of the pilots of the time, and, for all time.

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    • lenahedges · November 2, 2014

      Thankyou, I have to admit to not being a Latin scholar, as you may have guessed, though I do find it a fascinating and beautiful language. I hope my faux pas will not put you off my blog 🙂


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