Although I can not claim to have much of an interest in Aviation, unlike my partner, hence why I often find myself at places such as Duxford or the RAF Museum on a saturday, I do however have a strong appreciation of art. My favourite art movement being the Pop Art movement of the 1950’s. I recently noticed, during one of these museum visits that the art adorning many an airplane nose and or tail show more than a passing resemblance to pop art, cartoons and graffiti. This realisation has made the idea of future aircraft exhibitions a much easier pill to swallow and has increased my interest ten fold.

As I enjoy studying new subjects I have decided to research as much information regarding this topic as possible and have set up a Facebook page and group, both titled ‘Aircraft Nose Art’. As I discover further information I shall share it with you here along with pictures of said Art.



  1. Stan Perkins · November 23, 2014

    Good morning from Western Australia,
    I am the brother in law of “Roley” Harris the Flight Engineer of S for Sugar for most of the term of his operational career. Truly a great person. I was supposed to meet up with Roley in New York on my way back to the UK on the Queen Elizabeth, after flight training with the RAF at No.1 BFTS Terrell Texas.
    When arriving in the USA by the “Aquitania” we moved up the Hudson River to berth. On the harbourside of the ship there was a mass of media and greetings from notable persons and the best of the Big Bands of that time. Unfortunately the returning G.I.’s, POW’s and Wounded personal went to that side because of all things …..there were real “Varga” girls spread all over the decks of the vessels alongside. The Captain of the Aquitania had to desperately call for some of the vessels to move to other side of ship as it was heeling to some 30 degrees and getting too close to capsizing… use this first hand incident to any veterans advantage.

    Yours Stan Perkins

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    • lenahedges · November 23, 2014

      Thank you for your comment, I hope you feel I did your brother in law justice when I included him in my post ‘sugars not so sweet’, after Chris perkin kindly shares some pictures with me. Thank you for your first hand account. I hope you are enjoying my work.


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