Salute to a British icon

Have you always wanted to own your very own Spitfire? Well buying one could set you back a hefty £3 million and then you’ve got to find somewhere to put it, you can’t just park in on your front lawn. So how about if you could own the next best thing? How about a 1:5 scale bronze replica of the iconic warbird originally designed by R.J. Mitchell?


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Point and shoot – Photography

As much as I would like to take the total credit for the article in my blogs, after all articles are read so the writing should be the important part, I am also aware it is not just the written word which attracts people! Of course when the subject matter is as beautiful as aircraft it is the photos that make the articles pop, that draw the eye and maybe attract the reader in the first place. This isn’t the first time I did a photography big up , you can see my previous one here

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Bringing vintage style to life ! Jean Garborit Creations…the Maestro of Leather

Moving on from my  Bigatmo review there is another must have accessory for the Pilots life and style…that is of course the jacket! Whether is be an Irvine, a bomber or a vintage 1920’s style coat …no fashion conscious pilot worth his salt will leave home with out one! Many styles are flattering and attractive but none so much as those by France based atelier Jean Garborit Creations!


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Move over Ray-Ban there’s a new “Aviator” on the block – Bigatmo Review

Aviation is not merely an industry it is a world unto itself, a lifestyle if you will;  a lifestyle with class, panache and a certain amount of swagger. They have their own style and it could give even the most die-hard fashionistas a run for their money. However this style is not just about looking good, accessories especially, play an important part in the pilots day-to-day prowess. None so important as the perfect sunglasses, and for perfect look no further than Bigatmo

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AeroExpo 2016 – Entering the world of the private pilot


As soon as you enter the hallowed enclosure within Sywell Aerodrome for the Aeroexpo your senses are assaulted with the sounds and smells of the many stalls, vendors, and aircraft in attendance. Frying onions mingle with the smell of fuel as the rich and not so rich alike talk business. As we had staff passes we were there early and were able to sweep in the gate, bypassing the line which was already forming and snaking its way past the vintage style hotel. Even at 10 am on day three there was a constant buzz as pilots and vendors chatted amid the background activity of last minute changes being made to stalls and people grabbing what could be their last chance of the day to have a bacon butty and a cuppa.

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An assult on your senses…the Sea Vixen


After last years summer love affair with the elegant beauty and tremendous howl that is the Vulcan, I was sure I would never feel that unexplainable affection for a flying lady again. Now don’t get me wrong my love for the Vulcan is still there but I have now discovered that I can love another.

Having attended today’s Flying Naval airshow at Shuttleworth with the OH, mainly to get shots for our new aviation related business  , I wasn’t expecting to be assaulted with the sounds and sight of the Sea Vixen.

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Blue smoke, red planes and a salute to a hero


Having a son who is a big fan of the Red Arrows you can imagine our excitement when we discovered that they would be displaying at Shuttleworth this year. Having promised to take him to see them last summer and being unable to there was no question whether we would be attending The Opening Show. This would be the first time he had actually seen them at an airshow, his interest having been piqued by a chance viewing from a field during a picnic. It is a very special year for the Red Arrows as it is their 50th Anniversary and what better way to start the season than soaring above the quaint village of Old Wardon for the first time in 30 years.

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Flying, Fashion and other Fads (far too technical for me)

Write Life


Having never attended an aviation expo before I had no expectations on the way to Sywell Aerodrome in Northampton for the AeroExpo UK 2015 exhibition.

After driving to Northampton we were finally on the thin and winding country road leading to the aerodrome and being delighted by the sounds over Sywell only to be directed into a field to park (at a cost of £2 per car) and next thing I know we are crossing said country road and walking through the gates into signal hell! Having bought our ticket online (a very reasonable £15 for a pre booked family day ticket) we didn’t have signal to show the online ticket…typical. Luckily over by the hotel and 1950’s diner there was WiFi and the lady at the entrance had offered the code. So whilst my partner located the ticket, my son and I made wishes in the little pond in…

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Another Sunday, Another Airshow…Shuttleworth July 5th 2015

Write Life


Another Sunday, another airshow, there seems to be a pattern emerging to my spare time! You may know by now that my lesser half is a big aviation aficionado and as the lovely supportive girlfriend that I am, I have been dragged along to many a museum and recently expo’s and airshow’s. Thankfully I found that I could actually find enjoyment in these past times, mainly through my love of nose art (my other blog is ) and my affiliation with decades gone by. I’m not quite as enamoured as he is but I always try to find the sparkle in any situation. It is also great for the young ones, I do like to mix our fun outings with an excuse to teach them something and increase their (slowly) growing interest in the past. 

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